Our 5 step system for social media marketing [simple version]

Our 5 step system for social media marketing [simple version]

January 3, 2020

Many of the stakeholders we work for ask this question up front: Do you have an established system for managing the social media marketing for my company?

The answer, of course, is yes and we know from experience that the stakeholder (a CEO, a marketing manager, an owner/operator, etc.) wants that question answered simply and quickly. Far too many times, we have supplied an answer that gets a little too deep, a little too technical, takes a little too much time to explain and actually surfaces the very reason that stakeholder is interested in outsourcing their social media marketing in the first place — it’s “too much,” it’s information overload and their eyes start to glaze over — they just want it done for them and they want it done right.

So from the glazed eyes experiences we gained early on, combined with our persistent desire to be concise and informative, we assembled a simple version of the system we use for a majority of our clients:

  1. Create a strategy, system and schedule
  2. Develop content that is valuable or entertaining
  3. Make use of visual content
  4. Post timely content
  5. Measure, adjust and move

Create a strategy, system and schedule

Our system and scheduling is comprised of best in class tools; Trello, Hootsuite, G Suite and Dropbox for the basics.

Trello is the project management tool that houses the documented strategy, the reference material, marketing assets and more.

Hootsuite is the scheduling and analytics tool.

G Suite and Dropbox are the document sharing tools that facilitate content creation and storage, plus and fast & easy editing collaboration and approvals.

Develop content that is valuable or entertaining

  • Provide answers and resources that solve known problems
  • Ask thought-provoking questions
  • Create content that is humorous, emotional or eccentric (depends on your brand)

Make use of existing assets. A company inherently has experiences, services, products and people that benefit their customers.

Share the knowledge, skills and experiences with the customer base (and prospects) by giving away valuable information; tips, tutorials, behind the scenes stories, how-to resources. Whether it’s a video tutorial, Facebook Live or a simple text based “how-to” post, share the knowledge and share it frequently.

Entertaining content is usually found in the people that comprise the company. Audio clips of shout-outs, short video posts, office competitions, funny memes directly related to the business — all of these can lead to the production of engaging content.

Make use of visual content

High quality images and authentic videos are a must. For companies that don’t already have a library of marketing photographs and video footage, we spring our local photographer and videographer partners into action. 

Post timely content

Timely content related to:

  • the company’s activities
  • current events relatable to the company
  • trending news items relatable to the company

These hold opportunities to post content that shows the customer that the company is up to date, involved and caring about what is happening in local, national or global news.

Measure, adjust and move

Data about the company’s social media activities, engagement, followers, conversions (if ad campaign or other sales funnel) is essential. That data is used to adjust future content & campaigns, based on what worked and what did not. Keep moving forward, keep measuring and keep adjusting.

Sharing a simplified version of our system doesn’t mean ‘that’s all there is to it.’ If you or your team have already been down the road of starting, stalling and restarting social media efforts that seem to go nowhere, then you know there really is a lot more to it.

A system for social media management in Las Vegas

Not that the system is unique to Las Vegas, but it is worth being clear that the businesses we focus on serving are right here in Clark County. There is vast uniqueness here that we can celebrate, and that we can & should naturally incorporate into our respective marketing plans. Unique people abound, unique places permeate “the meadows” – from the glam & glitter of The Strip to the beauty of Red Rock Canyon to the history of Fremont Street – and certainly unique things happen here every day.

Let’s collaborate. Let’s capture the uniqueness and put it to work for your business.

Simple Social is a Las Vegas social media marketing firm and member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. We provide expertise for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube advertising and content needs. To schedule a consultation, call our social media specialists at (702) 582-7750 or contact us.

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