More Instagram Followers for Las Vegas Business, Part 2: Adding Personality to Your Instagram Feed

More Instagram Followers for Las Vegas Business, Part 2: Adding Personality to Your Instagram Feed

July 2, 2020

If you’re one of the 126,000+ registered businesses in Las Vegas, Instagram is an impactful platform for staying in touch with loyal customers or attracting new ones. Roughly 80% of all Instagrammers follow one or more businesses, and many of those followers view at least one business page every day.

Given that most Instagram users also fall within the 18 to 34 age bracket your feed needs to resonate first and foremost with that target audience. If your brand’s message comes across as being too corporate or inauthentic it’s probably going to be a turnoff.

To effectively connect with members of all ages your Instagram feed must accurately convey your business’ true personality. But if you’re more business minded than social media savvy that’s easier said than done.

Keep Your Instagram Feed Real

If your business is like most it has its own unique personality, so use your Instagram “voice” to promote that individuality. Your feed should be fun, informative and unique all at the same time. However, your message also has-to be authentic because most Instagrammers will quickly dismiss content that doesn’t feel genuine or real.

Never try to force your feed’s content, or merely post something to plug a product, because your audience is also highly adept at detecting laziness or desperation. Always remember that Instagram users value authenticity while respecting businesses who “keep it real” on the platform.

Here are some ways to introduce personality into your Instagram voice:

Use humor

With all the negativity in today’s world your customers will respond more favorably to funny captions or memes woven into your feed. While injecting a little brand-related humor be careful not to go overboard because it could backfire and alienate some of your followers- or keep others from following you for the first time.

Add photos

Tastefully done pictures are a visually impactful way to emotionally connect with your followers and attract new customers. The more interesting and engaging your photos and captions are, the more likely fellow Instagrammers will be to learn more about your business. You can even add a personal touch to your captions with emojis, hashtags and tags.

Use pictures strategically though, because too much of the same thing becomes predictable and boring for the average Instagrammer. A good example of a local Instagram account that gives off a fun, hip vibe using photos is City Guide Las Vegas (@lasvegascityguide).

Ask questions

You can also personalize your Instagram feed by asking your audience simple questions. Pairing that question with a related photo will make the interaction seem even more personal- which will ultimately encourage engagement.

Ask your audience for feedback like “If you could add an item to our store what would it be?”, or “What’s your favorite breakfast recipe?”. The more thought-provoking your questions are, the more interest they’ll generate.

Share interesting content

If you haven’t started reposting interesting content from your loyal followers yet, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. After all, your customers are all part of your Instagram family and each has an amazing- and emotional- story to share.

In most cases showing an interest in others by sharing their posts will help your Instagram feed attract and engage more followers.

Highlight your team

Another way to reveal your business’ true personality is by highlighting other members of your team. It not only gives your employees some well-deserved face time, it projects a familiar face to those who patronize and follow your business.

Use your Instagram feed to wish one of your employees a happy birthday or to congratulate them for earning a promotion. A great example of promoting team members while generating fan interest on Instagram would be the Las Vegas Golden Knights professional hockey team (@vegasgoldenknights).

Start conversations

Maybe the best way to shape your brand’s personality is by having Instagram conversations with existing or potential customers. Coming across as a trusted friend gives you the opportunity to promote your product or service- but be extra careful when doing so.

If your message sounds inauthentic or contrived, you’ll end up spooking your audience and losing followers rather than gaining new ones.

Is Your Instagram Feed Sending the Right Message?

Injecting more personality into your business’ Instagram feed isn’t easy- but it is vital for your continued success. At Simple Social Media, we use our social media branding expertise to effectively attract, engage and convert customers by using your Instagram account.

To learn more about how we assist Las Vegas businesses just like yours with our social media advertising and digital marketing solutions contact Simple Social Media today.

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