[Mini Guide] Social media content is center stage

[Mini Guide] Social media content is center stage

May 15, 2020

As hundreds of thousands of Las Vegans have been confined to their homes, content is taking center stage. The ability to engage, educate, entertain, and take minds off of the current situation, makes high-quality content more important than ever before.

Some of our clients are using the downtime imposed by the COVID-19 situation to reinvest in areas typically neglected in ordinary times, like refreshing content across all their social media channels. That translates into: They have time to think about strategy and budget, and then engage us to make it happen.

Putting social media strategy into play is our strength and it’s one of the things our customers love most about us. Call it what you like – turnkey, done for you, outsourced or hassle-free – it means your business enjoys the results of social media marketing done right.

A simple social media marketing guide

One of the simple social media marketing guides that we follow makes things easy to understand and, therefore, easy to implement and even easier to collaborate with our customers.

1. Stay relevant with website content

Articles, blog posts and product guides are among the best value-packed pages on your website. Your target audience is looking for your business’ services or products.

For example, a person who is working from home in Rhodes Ranch might need to make an online purchase of new headphones or a better microphone for video conferencing. Or perhaps a new, more comfortable desk chair. In both scenarios, you know they will first look online for the products they want. They’ll do some comparison of price, quality, availability and shipping/delivery. They will make all the shopping judgements that you and I make, then they’ll decide to buy it.

Using SEO research, you can create keyword-optimized and local search-optimzed posts that will help land your website in the search engine results. With this there is an increase in the likelihood that they will buy their microphone from the electronics store at Arroyo Market Square or their desk chair from the furniture store on South Fort Apache Road.

The point: Las Vegas local.

Creating high-quality, useful and relevant articles and guides for your website is one of those solid and durable investments in your business’ marketing plan.

2. Stay connected through social content

Content marketing goes a long way in today’s virtual economy. Just one engaging social post can generate lots of qualified traffic to your business.

To identify content of that engaging post, how your target audience will see it (paid ads) and what call to action is in place for them to complete a purchase are all factors that go into the creation of effective social media posts.

Are you thinking about outsourcing your social media marketing?

A major advantage of outsourcing to a professional social media marketing agency in that you know high-quality, useful and relevant social content will be created and published for your customers. You don’t have to worry about it.

Social Media Copy
Create engaging, click-worthy social media posts to engage your audience.

Social Media Design
Use an experienced designer to make your social media image look more professional.

Short Video Ads
Create engaging video posts to connect with your audience. Video is a must these days.

3. Stay engaged with video content

A video can explain why and how to use your product better than anything else. It’s fun; it’s memorable — and it engages your customer.

A funny video, a video that is modern, creative or edgy or one that serves as a how-to educational video — each type has the ability to reach your target audience on social media.

Some brands, like Oreo, are known for their simple, creative social media content. Check out this great example of a fun, creative video that works perfectly for their brand’s target audience:

View this post on Instagram

Open up with Oreo and share a new view on the world together.

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And other brands use a take a more organic and less-polished approach to creating how-to video content, like Wistia:

No matter what your brand’s message is, know that video content is at the tip of your fingers — your phone — and know that we can help make it a reality for you. Let’s get some great video content onto your channels and in front of your customers!

Simple Social Media is a social media agency in Las Vegas. For more information about our straightforward approach to managing your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn channels, contact us today.

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